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Visa fee and service charges are non-refundable irrespective of whether visa is issued or not.

Courier Fees :

From 29st March 2017 we won´t accepted any courier envelope. You have to apply personally in Madrid window or apply for e-visa. Until that date only applications for Spanish and European passports will be accepted for other nationalities, they must send an e-mail, previously, to the following address:

We ONLY accept documents by SEUR. We do not accept parcels from any other agency.


  Península 12 € 24 € S24 ESTANDAR
  Andorra  15 € 30 € S24 ESTANDAR
  Baleares   19 € 36 € S48 ESTANDAR
  Canarias (Las Palmas de GC and Tenerife) 19 € 36 € S48 ESTANDAR
  Ceuta and Melilla   20 € 38 € S48 ESTANDAR
  Seur fee when applying at
  Arke BLS Center Barcelona
24 €

TO SEND YOUR DOCUMENT BY SEUR CALL 902.101010 or you may see which office you have closer to you at

It is very important that you indicate on your parcel
From Mainland Spain / Andorra : Portes Debidos – 24 Horas ESTANDAR ("due postage")
From Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta or Melilla : Portes Debidos - 48 Horas ESTANDAR

You shouldn’t use services like PWEB, Multibox, Multipack, 08:00 hours, 10:00 hours, 13:30 hours,…You must do STANDARD SERVICE.
When you pay Seur Service, please check the receipt in which must appear 24 EST or 48 EST. If you use another service, you must pay the difference.

Each applications must pay each fees, it means, if you send two applications, you must pay two visas fee and two courier fees.
The payment about sends must be included into the transfer bank in our counts banks. You don’t have to pay nothing in Seur office.

When we send your documents to your home if pass 10 days and there’s nobody there, Seur will return to us your envelope and you need to pay again Seur fees for resend your documents.

ARKE BLS Center don’t have any responsibility if your envelope returns to our office, so you must pay again for this resending.


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